About Us

Karakorum Climbers  News is the place where you will find the updated and latest news about mountain climbing  adventures,trekking adventures ,new explorations of passes  in the massive Karakorum  ,


Karakorum so wide ,wild and massive  the great feat of bravery is always exist every year ,the news most of the time doesn’t get the right place at the right time,so we are trying to give the story and news about the great feat of the mountaineers and their climbing activities in the Karakorum , to the passionate adventure lovers and readers, there has not been the local coverage of Karakorum adventure  ,
further more, since Pakistan is one of the most adventure potential country in the globe ,in the great Himalayan range, the adventurism is always left in dark and no such encouragement is made, many of the great mountaineers have not known international that is a regret. its our try to update about Pakistani adventure activities as well and the contribution people have for the adventure sport in Pakistan ,also their introduction and interviews,  beside international expeditions in the region!

our focus is also to promote and encourage Women adventurism in Pakistan,having five 8000m out of fourteen of the world! and one of the deadliest K2 and the Killer mountain Nanga parbat stands in the Karakorum and Himalaya!still Pakistani Adventure Expeditions have never seen  at large or experienced ,except  One K2 Expedition and some Joint!
the coverage will be also  given of other top adventure stories of Himaliya ,Hindukush, Pamirs !

its also our aim to give information about festivals and other main events being celebrated in the Karakorum for decades, also the importance of these events and culture that has deep root with these high mountain dwellers!

the purpose of this site is to bring more adventure activity information to outside readers,to give them a chance to explore and enjoy the pure nature of Karakorum! the information we collect is basically First hand as well secondary.

your contribution as article, story and news is highly appreciated and welcome. you are with us the news come to the masses!

Please Feel free to Write us


Kind Regards

Mirza Ali



3 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hi friends, you’ve a good blog. You can fing news about K2 expedition on http://www.k2-winterclimb.ru or in twitter K2 winter climb.

  2. And may be it is interesting for you.

  3. Funny meeting you here (your site). I visited several years ago? Put you under favs. Can’t climb anymore, perhaps for the better. I enjoy the sit/blog.

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