Due to unforeseen weather conditions and strong winds, the Spaniard and his team have decided to let go of the Everest attempt in this winter season. Txikon along with five Sherpas have returned safely to base camp from C4. They will soon descend to the Khumbu Valley in a day or two.

The highest elevation they touched was at Camp IV (7950m) on Monday night. There, they were faced with high winds that made it highly impossible for the team to set up their tents. They descended back down Camp III where they abandoned their summit attempt on Tuesday. The Txikon-led two members team was the only expedition on Mt Everest this winter as the mountaineer planned to set the world record becoming the first foreigner to summit Mt Everest without supplemental oxygen in the winter climbing season. His partner Carlos Rubio also abandoned the ascent on January 21 after suffering respiratory problems, which forced him to be evacuated and to be admitted to a hospital in the Nepali capital for two days.

Climbing the highest peak in the world in winter and without the aid of artificial oxygen is an extremely complicated task that has only been achieved to date by a Nepali guide, Ang Rita Sherpa. He made it to the top of Mt Everest in 1987 using the normal route without supplemental oxygen in the winter season.