UPDATE – 13/02/2017

The Everest winter expedition without supplementary oxygen led by Alex Txikon continues to make progress. Together with the Sherpas Nurbu and Cheppal, and after a journey of about 5 hours from field 2 (6,400 meters), the Basque arrived at C3 this Sunday. Today, the trio slowly climbed from Camp 3 to Camp 4 at the South Col (7950m). They had planned to begin their final bid for the summit but due to strong winds, the trio failed to pitch the tent they had deposited at the col previously and were forced to descend to Camp 3 (7400m).

Just a few minuted ago, Txikon stated on facebook regarding the whole ordeal “…when we have arrived at C4 (7950m) we have done everything in our power to set up the tent, but the wind has not respected us and it has been impossible for us. Therefore, we have decided it was not the time to challenge nature at these heights and conditions, since we are nothing in dealing with it, and we could have suffered frostbite or even worse. For the moment, as I have mentioned earlier, we have descended to C3 (low) and we have not given up for anything in the world. The only thing we have done is to respect the nature that today was not waiting for us up there. At this hour I do not know what we are going to do tomorrow because I really do not know if we will be able to sleep now…”

Currently, the trio is reviewing their strategy, being in mind their current form and the prevailing weather conditions. Meanwhile, the rest of the climbers on this winter expedition, Sherri Nuri, Pemba Furba Sherpa, intend to climb directly from C2 to C4 to meet with Txikon and the other two Sherpas. The weather window is forecasted from 14 to 18 February 2017. In his recent Facebook post, Txikon stated, “It has been a hard day fighting against the wind with all our willpower. At times, it has become a tougher battle than the summit attack of last winter in the Nanga Parbat…”