Summer expeditions are challenging as it is, but winter in the Himalayas is unpredictable, wild, and extreme. The extreme challenge to summit the world’s highest peak, Mt. Everest, in the dead of winters without supplemental oxygen is what inspired the Spanish climber Alex Txikon to take on this massive challenge. It is, without doubt, the most challenging task of his career. Txikon had summited Nangla Parbat in 2016 without oxygen and wants to follow up this achievement with Everest. The dangers that this task carries are immense, a fact that is further solidified by the news that Txikon was about to become mortal few days ago when one of the crossings to equip the ascent to Everest stumbled and nearly falling into a bottomless crevasse.

He is planned to summit Mt. Everest on 14th of February without oxygen which is organized by Seven Summit Treks. The team will start climbing on the 10th of February from Everest Base Camp and reach camp 2. On the 11th, the team is planning to prepare to reach the summit. On the 12th, they have a schedule of reaching camp 3 which is 7200m above sea level. On the 13th, The team plans to stay overnight at camp 4 before heading out early morning for the summit push.

Presently, the team is waiting for the summit window at Everest Base Camp where Txikon and his colleagues will try to carry out the attack to the summit in the next window of good weather. The opening of a summit window is essential to avoid the winds of over 140 kilometers per hour which have been hitting at the summit in recent days.

Stay posted for updates on Txikon’s progress!