Alyssa Azar is on track to become the youngest Australian to climb Mount Everest after a positive start to her third tilt.

The 19-year-old from Toowoomba is acclimatising on the mountain, between base camps two and three, ahead of an ascent to the peak later this month – her third attempt to conquer the world’s highest mountain.

Alyssa’s 2014 quest was thwarted due to a deadly avalanche, while last year she was derailed by the devastating Nepal earthquake.

She began her latest Everest climb in early April having grown up trekking, including conquering Mount Kilimanjaro as a 14-year-old.

Her adventurer father, Glenn Azar, has been in regular contact via satellite phone from Australia and his fingers are crossed for the favourable forecast conditions to come to fruition.

“She feels good. Strong and healthy and the weather has been very good this year,” he said.

Sherpa teams are fixing a route to the summit ahead of the final leg between May 12-27.

Alyssa intends to leave photo of her 12-year-old brother Christian, who has autism and an intellectual disability, at the peak.

via Yahoo News