Yesterday we went all up to Nuptse. With a lot of fresh snow and persistent high winds, we joined together to try the line of least resistance on Nuptse’s south face. We knew there was probably too much snow, and we knew that the winds were probably too high, but yesterday we started up anyways, as the weather forecast indicated it was our only shot. Ueli Steck, Ben Guigonnet, Helias Millerioux and Colin Haley left the village of Chukkung early yesterday morning, and did 2,200m of ascent, up to a bivy at 6,900m. It began to snow in the afternoon and continued all night. The winds became stronger and stronger during the night, and by the time our alarm went off at 4:30am this morning, it was obvious that we’d be heading down rather than towards the summit. C’est la vie. Here is Helias working upward to our bivy.

Via Ule’s facebook