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According to Polish Winter Expedition facebook page, the last and final  update arrived Winter expedition PZA on Broad Peak, 8.03- Expedition Leader  k. Wielicki announced that the Winter Expedition Broad peak came to its end  he further said, after view of all the circumstances, the conditions  exist on the mountain since the two climber missing high up in the mountain, my experience and accomplished history as well as knowledge of Physiology and medicine, after additional consultations yet high with doctors and co-organizers expedition in Poland, they declared /considered  Maciej Berbekę and Tomasz Kowalski for  being  dead high up in the mountain at 7900m 
Given the time that has elapsed since the last contact with missing climbers, the current disastrous weather conditions and all the other factors I have decided to end the expedition.

We pack the base camp and started the descent down. The  expedition will walk  down  the Baltoro glacier,it will take about 5 days. the team will fly home  on March 20.  
 he further said,due to  lack of power sources, from now on we will not be able to contact you by email or by phone more and there will be no messages from us till  March 15.

Krzysztof Wielicki winter Broad Peak on the PZA expedition Leader