News desk: Newsdesk) ‎March 7, 12h30 local time:
Artur Hajzer: “There is still no contact with the two missing climbers. Artur Małek and Karim Hayyat reached Base Camp.”  after staying one night at Camp IV to trace the missing climbers,

“Visibility is good. Expedition leader is able to see the route through the telescope. Camp IV remained in place, at an altitude of 7,400m.  the leader reports that the summit members,those reached base camp their physical conditions are good, Artur Małek and Adam- they do not have any frostbite.”

March 7, 13h00 local time:
Artur Hajzer: “We confirm that early in the morning two Pakistani climbers, Shaheen Baig and Amin Ullah, left for Camp 3 at 7000m. Their task will be to further view and observe the peak of the dome from different directions where possible, from the camp and higher in case. At night the two climbers descend down to the base.”

earlier Mr.Karim Hayat who was at camp IV 7400m with Artur  went up to 7700m and didnt find any trace of the missing climbers, even though between 7700m to the pass where the missing climbers bivouacked 7900m is only 200m distance,there should have been some trace of the missing climbers!!!