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(Newsdesk) She knew it was going to be hard,Elisabeth Revol says, and it was. Fighting for 4 days and trapped in a freezer on 6000 meters turned out enough in the second attempt for the Mummery ridge. 

Check out the pics and debrief on the climber’s blog. The two would try a direct push for summit from camp 2 but the extreme cold (-48 ° C plus windchill) proved too much. Daniele’s feet froze, Eli’s fingers turned white just trying to collect snow for water, “I’ve never been so cold” she says. 

The call of the summit was so loud but nature was stronger, Eli wrote, and so is their desire to live. 
With snowfall forecasted to January 20 and Daniele’s frostbite, the expedition is over. 


After two days at 6000 meters in worsening weather Daniele Nardi and Elisabeth Revol decided to return to Base Camp. Don’t miss ExWeb’s interview with Daniele Nardi prior to the push.

A few days back also Ian and David called it a day, for good this time. A wrecked move to Camp 2 (Ian got AMS) became the decisive factor. 

Record altitude holders on Nanga this winter (7400 meters) Tomek and Marek have gone home.

Update is expected also on Joel Wischnewski’s blogabout his three-day solo attempt on the Rupal side announced before the weekend.

Broad Peak

Climbers are in BC with camp 3 ready and holding for a 2-3 day weather window reported Krzysztof Wielicki.

Original source :K2climb.net