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The Polish mountaineer has outpaced his teammate Marek Klonowski and is close to the 7,200 m after climbing the Rupal side. Find the first Winter Nanga Parbat, which also aspire to Daniele Nardi and Elisabeth Revol leaving Diamir tomorrow.

It was about the moment of truth in the ochomiles expeditions in Pakistan who claim the first winter at Nanga Parbat and Broad Peak. In fact, it seems that in the Nanga Parbat (8,125 m) goes quite late in the first serious attack to the summit, by Tomasz Mackiewicz alone.

As reported in the blog of the expedition, Mackiewicz would have chosen to go solo after teammate Marek Klonowski decided to turn around and return to base camp you have installed on the side of Nanga Parbat Rupal. Yesterday, February 7, Tomasz Mackiewicz would have reached an altitude of 7,147 meters, just above the hill Mazeno separating walls Rupal and Diamir.

His idea was to continue to the summit, but would depend on the weather. In addition, it also left the door open to descend again by the side of the Rupal or Diamir do. Precisely on this other side, the Italian Daniele Nardi and Elisabeth Revol French were preparing to undertake their own attack on morning peak, but pointed large accumulations of snow on the route, which made them to be cautious about his chances.

His intention is to re-ascend the path of descent of the ridge Messner Mummery and thence to summit. In an entry posted today on his blog Nardi, acknowledged he was “concerned about the Pole at 7,000 m in the hill Mazeno” and notes that “if as it says down here, find much damn snow …”. In fact, says that the three sunny days that have followed a long period of bad weather and snowfall have brought the inevitable avalanche. They counted to three in the last hours, the last of which even threatened his base camp, shaking the shops.

The other two expeditions
In the Nanga Parbat two other expeditions attempting the summit this winter 2013. The Frenchman Joel Wischnewski reported that he had decided to change the planned route of the central pillar-too-dry the southeast pillar, which seemed in better condition. One is from the February 6 in the high camps, where expected to remain for three days since.

Moreover, the Hungarian-American expedition is living a very different situation. Zoltan Acs has definitely taken the road back to civilization, while his teammates David Klein and Ian Overton return to base camp to hasten their options summit. All spent a few days in the town of Chilas, who declined to assess the state of Zoltan Acs freezes.
original source: Desnivel.com