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(Newsdesk) It’s been a stormy three days on Nanga Parbat. 

A message at the team’s blogspot today states Tomek Mackiewicz reached 7000 meters and is either going up or coming down. 

A message at Tomek’s place yesterday reported a weak night in strong wind, possible summit attempt and descent planned for the next day. Tomek’s spot position can be found here.

Joel Wischnewski was last in camp 2 suffering stomach cramps and holding for weather. His latestpost (Feb 6) said he’ll be moving for three days, going up the S-E pillar. The climber has reported really bad weather in the past days, fearing the condition of his ABC tent and the Poles on Schell route. 

Ian and David should be returning to BC. 

Elisabeth Revol reported today from BC that her team is ready for summit: “The sun is back since yesterday. Our batteries are fully charged. My heart and my head a hundred percent on this gem called “Nanga Parbat”. The climbers plan to move up tomorrow.

Also Broad Peak reports improving weather. A report posted today says the team’s forecast promises weaker winds and so Artur Małek, Tomasz Kowalski and Amin Ullah Baig left base camp today to fix lines to camp 3.

original source :k2climb.net