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(Newsdesk) The Hungarian/American trio are well enroute to Nanga Parbat BC. Two days ago they checked in at ExplorersWeb from a rest day in Sher village (8858 feet/2700 meters). The men stayed in a mud hut and ate a chicken their cook had “found somewhere.”

The climbers reported some porter/gear issues, recovery from food poisoning (Ian) and dying batteries. They hope to recharge their power in BC and update from there next, hopefully this weekend. 

The guys mentioned that somewhere en route, in a hostel “cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey,” they’d happened on a bunch of local students in town for a skiing trip. They stroke up a chat. Reports David:

“When they heard that Ian is from the US, a lanky 19-year old economist guy cheerfully exclaimed: ‘Oh, you send us your drones! Interesting… Just imagine, I live in on of the villages that was hit!”

“Ian of course wanted to start making excuses when the boy assured him that he supported the American drone attacks. It was strange and exciting to see Ian so openly and honestly debate curious college students from Lahore about the big questions of the world. Somehow it felt good…”

Ian: This is it

After studying pics of the route attempted by Moro/Urubko last year the climbers say that instead of approaching the Kinshofer Route directly, the team may attempt to follow the couloirs leading east from Base Camp directly to the snow field where they will establish Camp One.

Before leaving Sher village for the final hike, the mountaineers said they could see Nanga Parbat clearly in the setting sun. Reflected Ian:

“While meeting Pakistani people has been a delight, I am excited to get out into the wilds where the air is cold and thin. I have been a bit on edge since the middle of November when I realized that, yes, in fact, this is happening. I’ve gone, literally, half-way around the world to meet with two Hungrians to climb a massive of rock and ice dubbed Killer Mountain. I look forward to meeting the mountain in the next few days. We have things to talk about.”

(Ed note: a short message on the Broad Peak expedition website states the Polish plan to reach BC on January 15th.)