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In the recent years winter alpinism in the Massive Karakorum is on its top, until 2010,most of the 8000r mountains were unconquered till international Winter Expedition GII under the leadership of Italian mountaineer,Simone Moro and team first topped GII 8035m mountain and made a history of first winter summit of any 8000r ,in  2011 the polish expedition summit GI and the history in the making of first Winter summits!
There are three confirmed International winter expedition with Jasmine Tours-Pakistan for Nanga Parbat and Broad peak on different climbing route .
According to Jasmine tours, a local outfitter office confirmed, there has been three confirmed permits for Winter expeditions in the Karakorum,
the Details are as under.
1- American -Hungarian International Nanga Parbat Winter expedition 2012-2013.Climbing route on Daimir Face
Climbers details.
1-David Klein /Hungarian ( exp leader )
2-Zoltan Robert ACS/Hungarian
3-Ian Overton /American
4-Alex Gavan /Romanian
2-Justice For All Nanga Parbat Winter Expedition 2012-2013.
Climbing route on Rupal Face Schell route:
Climbers details :
1-Tomasz Mackiewicz /Polish ( Exp Leader )
2- Marek Klonowski/Polish
3-Piotr Strzezysz /Polish
4-Adrian Kutarba /Polish
5-Tomasz Kowalski /Polish
3-Broad Peak Polish Winter expedition 2012-2013.
Climber details :
1-Krzysztof Wielecki /Polish ( Exp leader )
2-Adam Bielecki /Polish
3-Marcin Piotr Kaczkan/Polish
4-Janusz Golab /Polish
5-Tomasz Kowalski /Polish
6-Rafal Fronia /Polish
7-Artur Malek  /Polish
8-Berbeka /Polish
The three expeditions are coming to first winter ascent of this formidable mountains.The goal of the expedition has great significance in International climbing circles, among the business community of Pakistan as well as in the light of these special circumstance.these first ascent expeditions have great impact on International winter expedition above 8000 meter mountains . the climbing expedition in the most awkward western media about Pakistan and Karakorum demonstrate a positive side that mountaineering and adventure is regarded and respected and the mountainous area’s of Gilgit-Baltistan and Karakorum is safe for any kind of trekking,mountain climbing, hens this is a great opportunity for adventure lovers to get prepared for the Karakorum adventures! these kind of mountain climbing  demonstrate cooperation among these Countries as well as mountain climbers  to achieving something extraordinary .