Image by Arjun Vajpai , courtesy Arjun Vajpai (Explorersweb)

Newsdesk) Climbing in heavy weather AMS took its toll on the young Indian mountaineer. Arjun Vajpai’s expeditions to Mt Cho Oyu and Mt. Shishamangma have been called off due to Arjun’s ill health, his mother Priya Vajpai told Explorersweb today.

Arjun is treated in ABC by a doctor and plans to move to BC tomorrow and KTM next. Arjun suffered AMS at Camp 2 (7,200m/23,600ft) on his recent summit push and has been advised by the doctor he needs further medical attention. The weather has further deteriorated during the day today, Priya added, and all climbers had to scramble back to ABC.

Arjun Vajpai, 19, the youngest Indian Everest Summiteer (and the youngest ever summiting Lhotse and Manaslu) went on Cho Oyu summit push late last week.
Outfitted by Asian Trekking, Arjun originally planned to also attempt Shishapangma in this climbing season. In a separate group, climbing with a Sean Disney led team Lance Metz made an attempt without supplementary oxygen. The team planned final summit push on the early morning of the 7th.

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