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Karakorum Adventure season about to start,several adventrue parties have applied for climbing permit for different mountains, from different countries around the world. pes per Goverment policy ,mountains higher than 5500m in the Karakorum,Himalaya’s or Hindukush needs climbing permit from GB council ,Initially the list shows a total of 42expeditions have applied for permit,out of 35 expedition,three expeditions to worlds deadliest mountain,K2,three to Nanga Parbat, six Expeditions to Broad peak,  nine expeditions to GI &GII, four expeditions to Latok I& II. four Expeditions to Spantik ,One expedition to Passu peak ,one Expedition to Mashberum II and others. the expedition list shows 236 members around the wold will try their best adventure skills and feat to over come these great mountains of Karakorum!

we at Karakorum Climbers News,wish each mountaineer best of luck and would be amazing to share their Adventure stories with our readers !

 s/No Expedition Name of Peak Name of country Name of Team leader
01 Lela’s Britsh Broad peak Expedition 2012 Broad Peak British Mr.Andrw Neil
02 Lela’s Colombian/International G-I&II expedition 2012 Gasherbrum –I &II Colombian Mr.Anibal Pineda Gonzalez
03 8000 plus K2 & Broad Peak Expedition 2012 K2 & Broad Peak Austria
04 USA Tahu Ratum Expedition 2012 Tahu Rutum  New Zealand/ USA Mr.Graham Zimmerman
05 4th Down Expedition USA 2012 Latok 1 USA Mr.Jashua Wharton
06 International k7 & Ogre 2 Expedition 2012 K7 & Ogre USA,Slvenia & Canada Mr.Kyle Dempster
07 French Expedition Broad peak Expedition-2012 Gasherbrum –I France/Nepal Challeat ludovic
08 German-Austrian G-I,G-II Expedition -2012 Geserbrum-I & II Germany /Australia Mr.Thorsten Schuller
09 Korea Dream Latok-I Expedition 2012 Latok-1 Korea Mr. Kim See Joon
10 K-2 & Broad Peak Expedition-2012 K2/Broad Peak Russia/Nepal  etc Ms.Oxana Morneva
11 Korkoska -8000,Broad Peak-8047m Broad Peak Slovenia Mr.Grtegor Lacen
12 Spantik peak-7027m Expedition 2012 Spantik Slovenia Mr.Tomaz Goslar
13 French Latok-II Expedition 2012 Lotak –II France Mr.Maynadier Mathieu
14 Italy Mashrbrum Expedition 2012 Mashbrum II Italy Ms.Elena simona Balzarini
15 Swiss Kobler & Partner International G-II Expedition 2012 Gasherbum II Switzerland Mr.Andreas Mag.Phil.
16 Lela’s Czech light Diran,Expedition 2012 Diran Czech Republic Mr.pavel Matousek
17 German Passu  Peak Expedition 2012 Passu peak German Mr.BernhardKern
18 Polish Gasherburm-I-IIExpedition-2012 Gasherburm –I-II Polish & German Ryszardpawlowski
19 Spanish Gsherburm-IIExpedition-2012 Gsherburm-II Spain Jose FernandoFrenanerz-


20 International K-2Expedition-20125


Canada & other countries Mr.Chrstopher Stephen
21 FTA Broad Peak Expedition-2012 Broad Peak Australia and Canada Mr. Benjamin James Kane
22 ATP International Nanga Parbat Expeditions 2012 Nanga Parbat America & Russia Mr.Rober James Semborski
23 Russian Latok –I Expedition 2012 Latok-I Russia Mr. Oleg Koltunov
24 South Korean Gasherbrum-I-II Expeditions -2012 Gasherbrum –I &II Koria Mr.Kim Joo Hoi
25 British Nanga Parbat Expedition 2012  Nanga Parbat British Mr. Alexander Roderick
26 Dutch Spantik Expedition-2012 Spantik Netherland Miss Maaike Braat
27 Lela’s British Spantik Expedition Spantik England Mr.Andrew John Clark
28 British k-6-k7 & lInk Sar West Expedition K-6-K7 & Link Sar British Mr.Jonathan Griffith
29 International GI & GII Expedition  2012 G-I & GII Brazil Mr.Waldemar Niclevicz
30 USA ,Russian International Kanjust Sar Expedition 2012 Kanjut Sar USA Mr.Lev Loffe
31 Hungarian GI Expedition GI Hungarian Mr.Zoltan Robert Acs
32 Italian Ogre Expedition-2012 Ogre Italy Mr.Harve Barmasse
33 Czech Republic Nanga Parbat Expedition Nanga Parbat Czech Republic Mr. Marek Holecek
34 International l GI &GII Expedition 2012 GI & GII Polish /French Mr.Jacek Teler
35 French Spantik peak Expedition Spantik French Mr Jean Pierre Bou
36 Gender Equality Dream Expedition Spantik peak 2012 Spantik Pakistan-New Zealand Mr. Mirza Ali
37 International K-2 Expedition,Seven summit tresk Expedition -2012 K-2 Nepal Mr.Chhang Dawa Sherpa
38 Lela’s Czech Light Broak peak Expedition 2012 Light Broad Peak Czech Mr. Pavel Matousek
39 Atunas Taiwanese Broad Peak Expedition -2012 Broad Peak Taiwanese Mr.Chung Da HO
41 Chogo Lisa Expedition 2012 Chogolisa Austria Mr.David Lama
42 Bulgaria Baintha Barrak Expedition-2012 Baintha Barrak Bulgaria Mr.Kostasa Dimitrios