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Alex talking to his home team, he has said  he is virtually alone in the Base Camp.


Alex Txikon (photo Alex)

The only people left there are the cooks, Isaac and Abbas.  On Thursday, 3 Pols (Tamara Stys, Adam Bielecki, and Janusz Golab) were evacuated in helicopters which also searched for the missing climbers, Gerfried (Austria), Nissar (Pakistan), and Cedric (Switzerland), without success. Alex was at base camp with Artur Hajzer and Agnieszka Bielecka (Polish expedition members), and Darek Zaluski, who finally decided to start his descent yesterday on foot, seeing the possibility that a helicopter could reach extended.  Alex of course cannot take that long trek due to taking frostbite on his toe. ”You could do a breakdown,” personnel told us here at home.  Therefore, there is no choice but to be patient and wait for a clear day to dawn for the helicopter to fly out there.  This is how Alex came to be alone with the cooks, and of course, his friends will have the military.

We have outstanding days weather forecast, along with Pakistani authorities and Spanish to be expedited as much as possible the evacuation of Alex. But now the problem is meteorology. As you know, the Karakorum not does give us too many days of good weather in winter.  Anyway, the hope is that tomorrow, or in a few days, some light can be opened in the morning, and take to fly the helicopter.

Meanwhile, Alex is being entertaining as much as can be: talks to the cooks, goes to camp, read, rest, and has even managed to record the names of his three missing comrades on a stone.

In any case, there is nothing to return ….How long!


Alex shows the frostbitten toe (Photo Alex Txikon)