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He was born in the remote village of Sadparaï at an altitude of 2380m, located in the south of Skardu Gilgit-Baltistan in the offshoots of Pakistan.  The Himalayas. He completed his primary educationin his village school and ended his studies in order to help his father earn for the family. Being the native of a high mountain valley, he was very much influenced by nature and the mountains. Unlike his other fellow children of the village, he used to herd goats, sheep, zho, and yaks throughout the year. He would compete with his fellow children to climb steep hills, trees and he would always come first.

Beside that the thing that impressed me most was the renowned mountain guides from His village, who rendered their services to different international mountaineering expeditions and trekking groups. HE was so curious about knowing what mountaineers do? Why do they climb mountains? And what they achieve by putting their lives on constant risk. Since His father used to work with those mountaineering expedition and trekking parties, he would be able to answer all His questions. When HE realized what mountaineering is all about, HE decided to trial His fortune for the sake of mountaineering, and today HE am happy to become a successful mountain guide.


HE started His first regular mountaineering career in 1996 with a PakistanHe ArHis Expedition consisted of 13 members (10 arHis and two civilian) led by the then Maj. Nadir, to Sia KangrHe (7,422m) in east Karakoram, and remained successful with four members including Hisself having reached the summit. HE am grateful to His Mentor and great mountaineer Mr. AlHe Raza of His village Sadpara. Without his sincere efforts and fulltime support, HE could not have availed this opportunity that proved to be a kick-start to His career. HE appreciate and regard his continues support and patronage over the years.


After that in 1999 HE was hired by a South Korean Expedition to G-IHE (8,035m), led by Mr. Lee Sang Bae and it remained successful as well. It was His very first experience to be at an altitude of more than 8000m peak. As a small boy, the Koreans never believed me to have done Sia Kangri. At one point they were discussing about sending me back from the Base Camp as HE was too young and inexperienced to attempt on an eight thousander. Before and even at the BC, HE was tested in several ways if was really fit and have some know-how of mountaineering. The day, when HE returned from the Camp-I, they were happy and satisfied and apologized for demanding a replacement.


HE have had the honor to render His professional services to the world renowned mountaineers like PARK YOUNG SEOK and HAN WANG YOUNG. HE have represented Pakistan Alpine Club in two Pak-China Joint Expeditions on K2 (8,611) and on G-HE (8,068m) in 2004 and 2007 respectively. In 2000, while working with the South Korean Broad Peak Expedition, HE got a severe head injury as a result of rock-fall on His way to camp-I. Despite the sever injury, HE continued after having first aid.


HE have the honor to be the youngest K2 Summiter of Pakistan and the first K2 Summiter from Baltistan region. Have successfully scalled all 5x8000m peaks in Pakistan within a short span of time. Never made use of any supplementary Oxygen on any peak so far. Never had any fitness or health problem during climbing, HE rather fee miraculously better, as HE go higher.

Karakorum Climbers news Editors note: Nisar hussain had total 10 summits of 8000r in Pakistan, he was the only Pakistani to have several multiple summits in the Karakorum and the total of his  8000r summits was ten, this includes, K2 8611m,Nanga parbat 8126m,GI 8068m,Broad peak 8047n,GII 8035m! He was unknown for many but his legacy is undoubtedly inspiring!

(Note this information coped from Nisar Hussain’s web site )