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5:30pm PST Minutes ago,Alex said on the sat  phone to KCN, Shaheen and Abbas  camp back to base camp 20minutes ago ,they climbed up to camp II  ,he added,Alex was so sad and heart broken that the search party did not see anything up in the mountain, Earlier Shaheen baig and Abbas went up to camp II ,in search  of the  missing climbers but turned back without spotting anything  on the mountain, Alex further Said, Weather is clear and fine ,the helicopters did not come so far.


On the 6March 2012 Gerfried ,Cedric,Nisar and Tamara left for Camp I. Gerfried and Team were drawing a new line from the south face of GI 8068m(hidden peak) ,after spening night at camp I 6200m, on 7th march  the climbers left for camp II ,over coming the head wall and  camped camp II at 7000m, Tamra couldn’t catch up  pace with fellow climbers and before the dusk ,she camped at 6800m above the head wall, Alex Txikon  left a day after the team and climbed straight to camp I ,after some rest he climbed up to 6800m where he met Tamara and spent night there, in the morning of  8th March  Gerfried ,Nisar and Cedric left for the summit , around 8Am local time,Gerfried home team reported that the climbers are 450m short of summit, since then there has been no communication for  five days, Alex and Tamara Camped at 7200m at the plaetue on the 8th and planned to climb to the summit on the 9th but in the morning they foudn intense cold and decided to climb down, after attempting Gasherburm south, Alex and Tamara climbed down the route , Alex climbed down to base camp and reached base camp around 11:30pm and Tamara spent night on camp I 6200m, on the 9th March polish Team climbed from Camp III 7000m to the summti , the polish Adam and Jnasuz became the first to summit ,GI 8068m in winter.

the Polish team climbed to Camp II the same day and reached base camp on the 10th but the Gerfried  and team did not show any contact on the 10th, it is been five days since the team is out of contact either with base camp or home team,

After waiting for two days, the base camp team including Agna and Darek tried to climb to camp I to look for the climbers but due to strong wind and snow fall they turned back, earlier this morning Shaheen baig polish high Altitude porter and Abbas   went to camp II   to spot climbers on the mountain above japanes  coulouir ,but they did not see anything up on the mountain and turned back to base camp.

the missing climbers include ,Gerfried Goschel 39″Austria” Nisar Hussain  Pakistan ,Cedric Hahlen 30 “Swiss”

Nisar Hussain Sadpara (pakistan) Photo Alex Txikon

Gerfried (Austria) photo Alex

Cedric (Swiss) photo Alex