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Talking to KCN  Hassan Sadpara from Skardu Airport , told  that he is 100% sure that the missing climbers are alive and above 7000m somewhere ,he said,he thinks that they are at camp  III above so- called Japanese couloir after summiting the peak,he said that the  missing climbers, he believes are waiting for weather to improve and descend down to base camp via normal route, since  the climbers had planned. Hassan Sadpara  is of  one top climber of Pakistan and Mount Everest summiteer, he is the only pakistani climber who climbed six 8000r peak sout of  fourteen in the world,Hassan Sadpara climbed all five 8000m peaks in Pakistan and mount Everest, Hassan said that he believes that After summiting GI the climbers had planned to travers GI and climb down to base camp via normal route, Hassan told KCN that the climbers have tent,food and rope so that gives additional hope that the climbers are safe and just waiting for the weather to clear, he further said that the climbers have all necessary equipment to survive in any extreme  situation. he also said that the battery of Sat phone and Radio could have gone out of charge , so that may cause problem with communications with base camp or home team.

Hassan expressed his  confidence  that  the missing climbers  (Gerfried  Gösch39,Austria ,Cedric Hahlen30 ,swiss,Nisar Hussain,Pakistan) are safe and said,as the weather improves the volunteer climbers including,Hassan sadpara, Ali Raza and Naizr Sadpara will fly to GI base camp to search for the climbers, Hassan said that they have been waiting at airport for two days but weather condition is unfavorable for chopper to fly to base camp. he said soon the weather gets better they will fly to base camp to help in search.