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the Red line with red spots are the  camps and route on the mountain, the climbers climbed on the south face  on a new route,the second red dot above the head wall is camp II at 6800m,where Alex and Tamera spent night on the 8th March before going to put camp III on the platue, Gerfried and team camped somewhere above 7000m on the 7th  march , the last dot is camp III of Alex Txikon and Tamara,they aborted summit push due to intense cold , it is not sure where and which line the climbers chosen to go to the summit, Gerfried ,Nisar and Cedric, left for summit push on the 6th March 2012,Spent a night on Camp I.on the 7th they climbed the headwall and camped some where above 7000m,Tamara  spent a night at 6800m, she could not countinue with pace of other members,Alex Tixkon climbed from base camp a day after the team left for camp II.Alex continuously climbed to 6800m where he spent night with Tamara, on 8th March Gerfried and Team left for summit push, last call Gerfried made to his home team was from 450m short from summit, since then there is no communication with the team, Alex and Tamara put camp III at 7200m before going for summit push on the 9th, in the morning they aborted summit push due to intense cold, Alex and Tamara tried Gesherbrum south and then decent back to base camp, Alex reached base camp late night while Tamara spent night at camp I at 6200m,

polish team went to camp III on the 8th,Adam and Janusz summit GI from normal route  on the 9th march at 8:30am local and decent to camp II the same day,  the poles said they could spot  trio climbing on the south ridge toward summit . Poles and Tamara reached base camp on the 10th , but there is no communication with Gerfried Austria, Cedric,Swiss and Nisar Pakistani. today 10th march two helicopter is called for areal search for the fellow climbers.  more news expected .