Update 10:38am

Alex Txikon reported similar bad weather in Base camp , helicopters might not reach due to bad weather, the base camp planned to form a rescue team and climb up again to search for the fellow climbers, Alex Txikon who aborted summit push with Tamara from 7200m is though not in very good shape after the tough climb of south Gesherbrum and descending down all way down to base camp the same day, but he plans to climb up with Derek and other team members .

Earlier talking to Leire Alex girlfriend KNC learnt that the helicopter flights was cancelled due to bad weather,  base camp team had called the helicopter services  for areil search of the missing climbers,but due to bad weather the helicopters could not reach base camp,there is no communication,news with GI international team ,Gerfried “Austria” Nisar Hussain “Pakistan” and Cedric Hahlen ,it is more than 36 hours there is no news from the climbers, the


by Karrar Haidri) Today’s helicopter flight was cancelled due to bad weather. Once airborne, the rescue team will carry Hassan Sadpara (Mount Everest Summiteer), Ali Raza Sadpara and Nazir Sadpara to aid in the search