Last information we have (08.20 am ) are still without news of the three climbers. This morning the weather was good but the forecast for the next few hours is worsening. In the base camp Txikon Alex G1 awaits the arrival of a helicopter with which to survey the mountain and try to locate the three climbers.

Nisar Hussain Sadpara (pakistan) Photo Alex Txikon

The joy of the first ascent of Gasherbrum 1 Winter has given way to a deep concern in base camp. And not for the Poles who reached the top (Adam Bielecki and Janusz Golab are already at base camp receiving treatment for their seemingly mild frostbite), nor by the international group behind (Alex Txikon arrived at dawn to base camp and spent Tamara Stys night at C1), but by the trio of the same expedition that launched the attack on summit on Friday. They carry over 36 hours with no signs of life and nothing is known of them.

The Austrian Gerfried Göschl, the Swiss Cédric Larcher and Pakistani Nisar Hussein launched the final assault on the summit of G1 around the same time that the Poles, but on the other side of the mountain. Bielecki and Golab When they reached the top, at 8.30 am, said they had seen the three climbers about 400-450 meters and progress toward it.

The following information is from Göschl, Larcher and Hussain comes by way of Alex Txikon who, on arrival at base camp at dawn, said he could see to 12.00 noon. At that time, were still climbing to the summit, about 200-250 meters from their goal. After that, no one has heard anything more.

What it has been observed to both sides of the G1 is a clear worsening of weather conditions during the night of Friday and Saturday’s. The extreme cold and poor visibility in height, together with the total absence of news about the three of us have been filled with concern the base camp.

Cedric (Swiss) photo Alex

In a terse statement posted Saturday on the blog of Gerfried Göschl by his team in Austria, you could read that: “Even after repeated phone calls from the Polish team from the Hidden Peak base camp, there is no news. The trio was last seen at noon (ET Pakistan) en route to the summit. We were still some 200-250 meters. Artur Hajzer (Polish expedition leader) told me that the weather is very bad. There is almost no visibility, wind, extreme cold. We can do nothing … ”

These adverse weather conditions and the fact that it is not known or even what side of the mountain could be (could have reached the summit and be descending the normal route) make any Salier idea to his aid from the base camp. There, Alex Txikon, Darek Zaluski and Polish expedition members are ready for action.

Glimmers of hope
The desperate lack of news grows the most negative assumptions, not only in the G1 base camp, but also in overall mountaineering community, which follows closely the information. However, there are also positive readings, which provide plausible hypotheses, as that they had exhausted the batteries in your communications equipment and would be descending the normal route, in good physical condition but delayed because of bad weather. If so, you should know something about them by any means the same Sunday.

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Gerfried (Austria) photo Alex