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Alex home Team reported that Alex is finally back to base camp, have little nose burn and fingers but it is NOT serious! the home team said Yesterday  was a horrible day horrible.. The uncertainty has addressed us all, seeing the strangemovement that carried out the line drawn by Alex in racetracker.Fortunately, he had his way, and it seems that Alex is safely backat Base Camp,
We leave the press release sent today, and from there to thank allyour messages of encouragement and support, which of courseboth encourage and appreciate so much all who read Alex. AskoEskerrik Bihotz bihotzetik.

The obvious risk of freezing, with temperatures around 50 degrees below zero, has been the main reason that led to AlexTxikon to give up the summit of Gasherbrum 1 in a complicatedday in which the anticipated solar storm has complicatedsignificantly satellite communications and data supplied by theGPS of the climbers.

Alex and Tamara were launched shortly after midnight, asplanned, but immediately found that the intense cold they couldcause severe frostbite, so they decided to return to base camp.

During descent, deviated from the route open to ascend the nearby South Gasherbrum, a subsidiary summit of 7,069 metersof the Gasherbrum massif. After this peak practically inescaladatread, the two climbers have continued the descent to base camp,where we have seen that have come through racetracker about21:00,
Leire Alex Girl friend just told KCN that she spoke to Alex at the base cam and he is fine.

The tense is still up high in the mountains,as their is no contact with Gerfried “Austria”,Cedric  Swiss, Nisar “Pakistan”  the team had last contact with hom team 450m short of summit,since then their is no news ,it is almost 2days their is no news about the climbers, Gerfried and Co,were climbing on new route and had camped camp II above 7000m on 7th of March. the poles summit GI via normal route on the 9th of March at 8:30am local time.

the poles  Adam and  Janusz who summit GI for the first time in winter, according to their home team, the climbers were in Camp II with Expedition Arthur and Pakistani Shaheen baig, they will climb down to base camp today any time