Angela Benavides) Alex Txikon and Tamara Stys are at 7,200 meters, resting in their bivy tent before setting off towards GI summit. They are both reportedly feeling well, although Alex complains of his (sore) eyes causing some trouble.

On the normal route, Polish Janusz and Adam will leave from the top at 11:00pm, local time tonight. It is unclear whether Shaheen Baig may go up as well, or retreat towards C2 – where Artur Hajzer was awaiting earlier today.

Both teams are confident on a fresh forecast which shows improving conditions (weak wind and clear skies) tonight.

Meanwhile, news is expected from Gerfried Goschl, Cedric Hahlen and Nisar Hussain, who set off towards the summit in the early morning today. On their latest report, before noon in Pakistan, they had 450 vertical meters left to go to the top.

Once there, the climbers planned to traverse down to the peak’s normal route on the north side.

Ed. Note: Gerfried previously warned his home team that he might be unable to make a sumit call due to extreme cold conditions. Alex Txikon reportedly told his own home team that “he thought that Gerffried and Co. had reached the summit.” Confirmation is still expected though.

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