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Alex home Team,Liere!

After two days of ordeal again weighing the odds of making agood offense to top, with the weather conditions are forecast, Alex has decided to try and go out the same morning to Camp 1.His colleagues have now reached the field (although in the afternoon and Darek has dropped to BC), and Alex is intended to get where they are, before heading out to the field 2.Es whyAlex will have to up early a lot, and get going to Camp 1. Solo.

The weather forecasts have not changed and continue to makewind 5okm / h, extreme cold of 45 below zero and completelyovercast sky. Of course, if these conditions are met will not be many chances to reach the summit. But still, tomorrow will go to Camp 1, and once there, “you will see how is the calico.”

We can follow the footsteps of Alex racetacker live by, clicking here

Alex Mood, bihotzak esangotsu egin zer!

the sun,eguzkieeeeee,el sollll por fin