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The polish home team says,Today at 06:00 Adam, Arthur, Janusz and Shaheen came to camp I. The weather was worse than expected, the wind gusting up to 80-100 km / h is not facilitate the march. Despite the difficult conditions, the four arrived safely in the afternoon to camp I. Tomorrow plan early exit and the transition to the third camp without camp II. March 8 is still forecast to be the best day for the summit, although the weather forecast for the March 9, also does not exclude a possible attack. Now everything depends on whether the predictions come true, the critical conditions will be coming to camp III without the camp II. If wind power actually begins to fall tomorrow and the guys arrive tomorrow without obstacles to Camp III, it may be a chance for the summit on 8 March.

Greetings from the whole team

Gerfried Team Update!

GI intrenational Team,Grefried Cederic and Nisar 

Since there are 14.00 clock time Nisar Hussain (Pakistan), Cedric Hählen (Switzerland), Tamara Stys, Darek Zaluski (both Poland) and Gerfried safely in camp 1 at 6200m. There is also this time, unfortunately, unable to connect from the mountain toward home, the news these days come from the base camp of Hidden Peak. Agna, a member of the Polish team, has received the message via radio and I then informed by satellite phone. I’m very happy!
morning to Cedric, Nisar and Gerfried ascend to 7000m, where she set up mini tent and bivouac in just 2 sleeping bags.
The latest report from Dr. Charly Gabl says this morning extremely cold (-43 degrees), cloudy but the Wind forth acceptable weather ahead. The wind is blowing especially on Thursday (planned summit day) with a maximum of 45 km / h.
We hope to be home in the first place that anyone done something! Everything else remains to be seen.
We keep our fingers crossed … Camp 1 (6200m) about a month ago
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