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(Angela Benavides) “The team was halted at 6,650m on their way to C3 by very strong wind,” Polish team member Agniescka just told ExplorersWeb. “Right now all four members are safely back in the BC,” Agna added.

On the peak’s south side Gerfried’s team faced the same difficulties. After a tough night in C1, Spanish Carlos Suarez returned to BC this morning while the rest of the team headed up, hoping to reach C2. They wouldn’t make it so further up though.

According to Carlos, they were eventually forced back down due to bad weather and, in a phone-call home one hour ago, he reportedly could see his mates descending below C1. News is expected soon on the team’s safe arrival in BC.

Story updated 1:00pm EST: News finally broke on Gerfried Goschl’s international team safe arrival back to BC, well after dark.

“We’re just back in BC,” Gerfried reported at 22.30pm, local time. “Progress in fresh snow took too long, while the new section yet to be fixed was on hard ice,” Gerfried explained. “We would have had to climb for 200 further vertical meters in the darkness, before reaching C2’s location. “We were not going to take that risk; thus the team decided to abort the attempt.”

Both teams will discuss further plans tomorrow

Original News:Explorersweb.com