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Alex via Satellite phone said

Today began the good (and hard) in the winter issue of Gasherbrum: output to top. They got up early  and reached camp 1 pretty quick, the entire team of GI international team are in Camp 1. one the new route  The day has gone perfectly and smoothly, and so at noon were already in the field 1 (6.200m).”We’ve even had some more time marking the prognosis,” saidAlex via satellite phone. “We hope to stay.”Tomorrow the plot thickens considerably. Up to 6,800 meters the route is also equipped, but from there will have to open the way for nearly a hundred feet high technical demands to the end of the wall. “The meters fall wall will be very hard, because they are veryvery vertical, including a section collapsed, and the wind that has made these days the ice will be like glass.”

the team  intention is to complete the track  up to the end of the wall and put the store in the plateau to be accessed below.

alex devuelta c1 6200mt
polish team also reached Camp 1,on normal route,Polish team has twice went to Camp III and have fair chance to reach the summit on the 28th if the weather remains calm.
their base camp team reported

Today at dawn the whole team left for camp I ,the team consist of  Adam, Arthur, Janusz and Shaheen ,  they reached in the afternoon. Wind in the camp I,was stronger than announcing forecasts, however, the guys managed to pitch a tent and spend the night in the camp safe . As of today, all projections predict weather window on 28 February, but 26 – February 27, also predict a strong wind, if the wind is not an obstacle in reaching 27 February to camp III, on 28 February, the band plans to attempt for summit.the  international team also left for camp I on new route, the base is again empty.

Greetings from the team.