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Battle won, war not yet

Difficult for us three days – although it shares battle took place only at the base. We do not want to say, the wind was blowing at the base of 200 km / h, because inevitably we would get the Golden Egg. The fact remains that a hurricane blowing at the base of the glacier moved MI17 helicopter wreckage about 20 meters. The other attraction is the somersault, which made the tent Janusz Golab – full rotation back in the air over a distance of 4 meters. It happened about eight in the morning just after waking, Janusz was still in a sleeping bag. Salto has done this with the whole tent. Instinctively, when landing in the dark managed to catch a large stone, which protected him from falling into the pocket glacier moraines. The moment when Janusz hanging over the tent was accidentally stepped captured in motion Darek Zaluski (see the excerpt from the film “Pigeon has landed”). By breaking down the tent floor wywiało unfortunately part of the property. Outside the tent wywianymi things Janusz had few other losses, namely, we zwiało warehouse tent, tent Shaheen was destroyed in a few places tore zippers and thick mess tent fabric. If not for the immediate reaction of several of our mesa odleciałaby down the Baltoro glacier. I must admit that it was not easy to keep it in place. The holes in the tent were temporarily patched rags, and a tent was considered lost, but Agnes – expert stitches sailing – mess restored to working condition, despite the ongoing hurricane (see the excerpt from the film “Super Stitch”).

Greetings from the Gasherbrum base was saved and

PS. Guys go out tomorrow and depending on the weather you may try to climb to the top – I’ll keep you updated. Keep your fingers crossed!


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