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Gerfried earlier stated to his home team and the updates are as under

I must confess something I’ve never experienced before. Not even the severe storms of last winter were only close enough to the circumstances here.
With luck and dedication of the entire team (thanks also to Arthur and his colleagues), we were able to keep the vital base camp.
Overall, we have lost three tents, three more were severely damaged. Especially our mess tent appeared on Wednesday already been destroyed. At the last minute we were able to keep the tattered tents and over again to repair or sew. Three nights we have almost no sleep and we alternated in holding the tents. Gusting up to 120km / h had to endure our homes. This is dareks and Arturs each seventh winter expedition, both have been through such a storm before.
Yesterday, Thursday, is now at last the storm subsided. Currently, there is even no wind, what a blessing!

To properly Durchschnaufen us remains (thankfully) not a lot of time.
During the storm, we dealt with our future and have again and again the weather forecasts of our tireless Dr. Charly Gabl screened, twisted, turned and interpreted. As it looks now, we have little chance of a first! On 28 February will be the wind blowing in the summit area for a short time with only about 50km / h. If the confirmed tomorrow, we leave on Sunday the 26thFebruary, on a first attempt for the summit!

Please let us keep our fingers crossed!

With best wishes from the base camp of Hidden Peak
Gerfried Göschl
source: http://www.gerfriedgoeschl.at/?p=1573#comment-1098

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001: The two-man tent for Cedric and Gerfried 002: The damaged, poorly repaired tent of Alex and Carlos 003: Cedric and our kitchen aide Abbas in the Night Watch 004: Cedric holds the tent during a squall 005: Gerfried in a brief storm break over him seams in the tent, measuring 006: The base camp after the storm, which destroyed the main tent of Janusz
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