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Alex home Team reported.

Yesterd ay we got up as if we had bivouacked, with very cold and windy. We broke 3 stores and one of the Poles, Jannus, flew four meters inside the store and everything (you can see the video here ). We all morning until 4 in the afternoon repairing and fixing the stores, and then until two o’clock to send you the video hehe

Today visit the milikos and told you that there will be movement soon!! Maybe get ahead of tomorrow something. I think after the beating he got us the time we will be able to give a little respite in the coming days. As a reward for what he has punished these last days. Since then we’ve had it rough, and a very bad night, but 24 hours is another way, although it has cost us our …

Well, tomorrow even better. We go where the milikis! Aguuurrrr

alex in the store after snow removal

alex within the store

alex, carlos and eptijar, trying to do something, but still blowing, and pa to make a good repair

our sleeping bags at dawn

carlos with mayor.en c.militar

alex arthur and the c.militar haizer


Massive Harrican Hit  GI Base camp ,Alex Captured short moment of the fierce karakorum strom before it gets wild!

Original source:http://www.blogseitb.com/alextxikon/2012/02/22/espectacular-video-del-vendaval/