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Wind: weak database, the 7000 m n.pm. 45 km / h at 8000 m asl 75 km / h Rainfall: No Clear 5% ceiling of 6500 m above sea level, temperature: minus 35 * C at 7000 m above sea level minus 42 * C at 8000m above sea level at about 15:30 today and Janusz Adam founded the camp third, the two spend the night there. Arthur arrived in camp with the Shaheen II around 14:00. Radio contact with the base grounded at about 18:00.

At the moment, future plans depend on the weather, as usual, and this is clearly worse the day after tomorrow. Probably due to the worsening tomorrow the wind and bad weather forecast the next day, both teams will be coming down tomorrow to camp I and further to the base. Because of the ongoing two days of good weather both expeditions run in the top and the base is deserted. After a beautiful sunny day we expect the cold night. Greetings from the whole team.

Original source:polskihimalaizmzimowy.pl