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Gerfried wrote today:
After a long weather-related break we will start again tomorrow towards the mountain. The last days were not easy because we had to learn to deal with the bad weather here at base camp not only with the strong winds but also with the severe cold during the day and in every tent angles. Under these conditions to regenerate or to simply enjoy the day is very difficult.

Thanks to Dr. Gabl, we are now in preparation stress. Over the next three days will break the wind for a short time and is bright and the dense cloud curtain a little. My party is tomorrow, the 8th February to camp 1 (6200m) rise, two tents from the steep Eisgrat hook out, set up the tents on the ice and anchor against the winds. After a first night on the mountain to Cedric, and I Nisar supported by Darek and Tamara, the other route, if possible, to insure the end of the cliff at 6800 feet, with ropes.

Alex and Carlos followed a day after us and then possibly even bring material to camp 2 (6800m approx).

We hope that we can finish in those three days, the Headwall, then the door would be open to the summit.

With best wishes from the base camp of Hidden Peak
Gerfried Göschl

001: Cedric and Gerfried the base camp set up their backpacks ready to march

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