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BY Carlos Suarez

Snow in base camp. Not too cold considering where we are. And just make out that when it’s cold it’s because we are less than twenty or thirty below zero.At times it clears and mountains are stunning seven thousand meters as haunted by the little regard that they have and probably by few or no climbing.We can not move despite being rested, not even enjoy the view for long since out of the store you get like a bird in minutes. It took a few beatings of those who make one climber. Every day you get used to the cold a little while you start to get tired of the discomfort involved. Leave base camp is like going to the top, you have to really worry that you go out with your feet dry and warm.The rest is to make life in-store as a voluntary closure and even enjoyable.

We live every day with the Poles who attempt the normal route of GI. You always think that Poles are like the stones that have no calamities, but yes.They cherish good, strong and watch movies eat normal Hollywood night. I think they’re human. It appears that several have already fallen in the cracks of the glacier that must cross to reach the field 1, Sahin, its high altitude porter literally disappeared into the glacier until the rope tightened, some of his things, as fell in front the darkness of the abyss. He returned with severe stomach pains. That less! imagining what it must have thought at the time. I think if you paid me in gold would not go along your route, have a pint terrible.Our glacier change is safe and quiet, within half an hour walk we are already on the wall.

Our team are Darek and Tamara are to film Gerfried and Cedric. Gerfried, which is the expedition leader, is very motivated. The original idea of ​​this route is yours and therefore not to think about all day in the best solutions to work together.

As I said, we all have a good beating over, such that after several days of rest you need. The route is amazing for the views and how quickly you gain yards on the mountain. All that we live every day here is different from what was experienced in other mountains. I guess that was what he was looking for.Extreme cold makes the difference. The sense that any failure can cause a freeze creates a constant tension. We are fully aware despite our motivation and support they need to succeed with the top is very complicated. Twenty-two expeditions that have occurred in winter in Pakistan was only a top, Simone Moro, Denis Urubko and Cory Richards last year in the IGI.

The difference with Nepal must be considerable, seeing that all eight thousand have already been achieved in winter. But being here is already a success in every way, making us feel like true explorers of the past where the measuring stick between what is a success or a failure had nothing to do with what we are accustomed to understand.

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