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On Sunday, 29 January routed the Spaniards in ideal weather 6000-6100 meter ropes.

Now it was back to my team, the route continues to slippers. Although we could not hope for such a nice weather, thanks to the prognosis of Charly Gabl we could but for 31 January in heavy cloud cover and light snowfall rely on little wind.

Therefore, we took the opportunity yesterday and already broke up at 6:00 clock. Cedric reached in five hours, Nisar and I the last to 6100 meters the highest point. An hour later, exactly at noon, we had verfixt the remaining part and we got to Camp 1 (6200m) from the ice couloir. Darek and Tamara were a little back, her goal was to reach Camp 1 and tent space from the exposed Eisgrat to hook. Because we were so quickly took advantage of Cedric, Nisar and I like to plan the hours of the afternoon to the other, now very difficult part of insurance. With perfect ice technology Cedric slipped climbing over the technically extremely harsh ice fields high and just before sunset we reached the foot of the red, triangular rock to almost 6400 meters. Managed overjoyed to have such a daily output, we climbed off at dusk on the route. At 19:00 clock we got at the base camp of our hardworking kitchen staff served the first tee and in the next few hours we filled our tired body with the much-needed liquid.

In just ten days we are now on our new route represents progress achieved, for which we had used last winter a month. This of course leaves us very optimistic about the future, maybe we really succeed in this winter, our big goal, a goal to which I have already invested over one and a half years.

We now hope to do tomorrow that the Spaniards hitherto little-motivated part of their work and provide much-needed materials to camp 1.

As of 4 February will be set according to Dr. Gabl few days for a full-blown winter storm over the Baltoro and we will need all our forces in favor of lifting, keep the base camp at all!

It was not until about mid-next week we will again have a chance to ascend.

With warm greetings from the base camp of Hidden Peak
Gerfried Göschl

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001: Darek stock reached 1 002: Cedric on camp 1 on lead in the difficult Eisflanken 003: Nisar, including Gerfried the ascent at 6,300 meters 004: view down to camp 1 005: Nisar at the highest point reached 006: Gerfried on the way down at camp 1 007: Tamara happy, but also frozen at the base of the wall






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