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On Saturday, 21 January, two days earlier than planned, we reached with the help of the strong Pakistani support and a perfect organization of our agency’s Pakistan Adventure been the base camp of Hidden Peak at 5,000 meters. I am happy that we have the base camp without assistance of a helicopter, thus attained by fair means. This is the history of winter mountaineering in Karakoums only succeeded the second time. Last winter was Louis Rousseau, Alex and I Txikon the first group.

As the weather looked pretty good for winter conditions and we also felt we were preparing ourselves fit even on the Sunday prior to the march. Cedric would rise Hählen, Darek Zaluski, Tamara Stys, Nisar Hussain and I yesterday before the base camp was set up correctly the direction of our new route for a first reconnaissance trip on. Despite lower trace Cedric and I were able to work their way through the glacier to the foot of the wall and find more. There, we changed the route slightly to last year, we attempted a steep, but safe version of the bergschrund. After six hours of hard, but perfect collaboration we had moved 500 meters fixed rope and already reached a height of 5650 meters. We deposited an additional 500 feet of rope and fixing as ice screws, pitons, ice axes and slings. Tired, but happy we arrived at nightfall our base camp.
Darek and I were filming where she could, so we will soon be able to send videos first.

Today Alex and Carlos get on the route to pursue. Tomorrow is back to work my team on the mountain. I am very confident that we can already exceed a height of 6000 meters.
As quickly as it currently precedes I would have imagined in my wildest dreams, can not, but I know that we are the winter and the Hidden Peak still a very will show another face!

With warm greetings from the base camp of Hidden Peak
Gerfried Göschl
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001: base camp, in the context of Hidden Peak (8080m) 002: Darek on bergschrund 003: Cedric with fixed ropes 004: Gerfried the rise in the couloir 005: Tamara enjoys the afternoon sun at 5500m 6: Cedric tonight at -28 ° C.





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