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By Carlos Suarez

Several years ago I came to this land near the Himalayas along with Carlos Soria. It seems that life here has not changed substantially except for some details. How different is this country of what you see through the TV! The last time I was in Pakistan the country was at war with India threatened diplomatic each other with bombs. It had nothing to do with reality. Now it is the same.Both the media and the information seems at times be isolated from a large majority of the ordinary conditions of a country. People here are friendly and you see that everyone wants to know Alex Txikon that in recent years on his expeditions. Even children greet him knowing his name. Some of them already know mine. That ability and that education lesson! All people have a good memory for those who leave a good impression, something universal regardless of the local culture.

Today has been cold for the first greeting that awaits us. I have a lot of contradictory thoughts I want to fight for my dreams and I am willing to be capable of suffering.

We went to a nearby hillside to play around with the glider speedflying I brought for the occasion. It was the first time I flew this wing, which is faster, but are believed to be inflated in the worst wind conditions. What Alex is even worse, has struck a flight for the first time in his life right after doing an AFF course, very different from flying with a paraglider. Flight has been a small but just enough to keep our motivation for what lies ahead.

It started to snow.

Alex Txikon recorded at 10 below zero in the vicinity of Skardu. Hard work
Leaving the slopes near Skardu, looks like a desert at the foot of the highest mountains.