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Angela Benavides ,Explorers web.
“After dreaming of a new route in winter on GI since 2003, the time has come to make it real with a smal, strong theam,” Gerfried Göschl announced over email today. “It’s been years of planning, a previous winter attempt (January 2011) and a complete climb to the summit via the Japanese Couloir in summer – now I want to climb my new route.”

“Unfortunately one of my best mates, Louis Rousseau, won’t join the expedition due to personal reasons. He has been of great help on the previous two expeditions – thank you Louis!”

Simone Moro confirmed in a previous interview with ExplorersWeb that he’ll go for Nanga Parbat with his winter GII mates Denis Urubko and Corey Richards. Simone originally planned to attempt Broad Peak but changed his mind after Askari Aviation raised prices