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Kazakh world class 8000r athelete speaking to his home team late August 3,2011, Participants in an international expedition to K2 once again reached a height of 6600 meters. The transition from the first camp was the second most difficult and exhausting for the climb. This was told Kazakh athlete Maksut Zhumayev.

“Today, worked 11 hours. Insanely tired. But the more fortunate that at the beginning was a bit of snow. More the heavy backpacks, twenty pounds each. Vetra strongest. The waters took with them a little, she quickly came to an end. I almost dried up. Thickens the blood, I can not speak, do not want to think. Now the snow will sink and drink it to recover “- shared Zhumayev details the difficult transition from the first camp in the afternoon.

Thus, the people of Kazakhstan today, August 3, 1300 meters to overcome the slope Chogori. This is a record length of time the whole expedition. As noted by experienced climbers, walk a path in the mountains with a backpack weighing 20 pounds even at much lower altitudes safe and not everyone can a trained athlete.

The task of the fourth acclimatization on K2 team, which also included citizen of Kazakhstan Vasily Pivtsov, Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, Austrian, German Ralf Dyuymovets, Darrek Zaluski from Poland and Tommy Henrich Argentinian has not fulfilled yet and a half. Ahead of the rise of the third camp at 7100 meters and the processing route to a height of 8000, from Zhumayev promised to congratulate his son on his birthday on August 5.

“The Kazakhs have reached the second camp! Normally all of us, do not worry, tomorrow will shift schedule in the direction of the night. Must rest. Tomorrow, perhaps, the snow will be less, schedule, we can say, benign. Rucksacks, however, will be even harder, because there would have to take the tent and carry it higher, “- said the climber.

Recall, according to the plan, which set a climbers in the fourth exit, they must not only reach a height of 8000 meters, but also spend a night of acclimatization. K2 – the most northerly in the world of eight-and its overall height of 8611 meters. It is located on the border between China and Pakistan, and the route of the expedition is on the Chinese side.