Texting to Home team Via Satellite phone Gefried said to her wife ,After hours of waiting, the redemptive message came at 16.30 clock (EST) via satellite phone:
Gerfried and his team are doing well. They could reach after 10 hours of “hard work” to a height of 7900m.
All other climbers have had to set up camp below, they are exhausted, according to Gerfried still the key point “shoulder” to climb. Therefore, the entire track was caught working on Kilian Volken, its high carrier Nisar, Alex Txikon and Gerfried.
“I’ve injured when a rope ripping my fingers, my clothes are wet and covered in blood. But it is not so bad. We have now set up the tent and snow melt, then I’ll call again, “says Gerfried first words.
The Quartet will meet today to consider more about how to proceed. It may well be that they were racing tomorrow and Saturday before climbing towards the summit.

Alex at Camp III earlier on k2 (courtesy Alex blog)

late night Alex was a little confused after reaching Camp IV at 7800m, either to move for the summit the next morning,since he topped two 8000r late in July 13 GI and 23 GII ,just within 9 dyas, had some feeling  of exhaustion after reaching to camp IV,the snow condition was hard,however today talking to his home team,he mentioned he is feeling supper fit and strong, and is ready to march up to the summit with other team members,he said, he is feeling strong and ready for the summit push, he rested today just to get more energy for tomorrow long and hard push for the summit!

k2 North side, Climbers at 7100m

August 4 athletes managed to cover a distance of 500 meters up the slope Chogori. “From a height of 6600 feet we reached the height of 7100 meters and is the first to establish a tent camp third high-altitude” – said Kazakh climber. According Jumaeva, first climbers to camp told the ropes and other equipment and then delivered to the place of the tent and stood up for the night.

“The weather today was good, so today we are in no hurry. The rise was only six o’clock and ten in the morning we had just emerged from the second camp. This is due to the fact that yesterday was very, very bad day. Yesterday, we worked in the general of 11:00 of the first camp for the second and a little tired, “- said Maksut Zhumayev. Kazakh climber said that the coming night in the third camp will be the first time ever expedition.

The next challenge is climbing reconnaissance hike up to the fourth camp, located at an altitude of 8000 meters. As reported earlier Zhumayev, with the height of the fourth camp, he will congratulate his son on his birthday. Kazakhstani athlete also noted that the team very tired after yesterday’s move from the first camp in the afternoon. “The most important thing right now – sleep well” – said Maksut Zhumayev.

August 5 climbers will make a sortie to the fourth camp with equipment and process the route. After that, the climbers again descend to an altitude of 7100 meters, where they will hold a second night.

Recall, August 3, a team consisting of two Kazakh climbers and athletes from Austria, Germany, Poland and Argentina, broke the record for all time the expedition distance of 1,300 meters. Long transition to an altitude of 6,600 meters was the most difficult to climb to the summit of the northernmost eight thousand in the world, the overall height of 8611 meters. The route runs along the Chinese side of K2, located on the border of China and Pakistan