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Talking to his home team  on the Satellite phone, Alberto Zerain  said he has called off the expedition due to extreme snow conditions, he previouly tried the Mazeno ridge ,however the snow on the ridge was deep ,made the long ridge summit impossible,later they pushed from the Kinshofer route,he reached at camp II,though he said today

In a telephone conversation, informs us that Alberto Zerain forced to abandon his intention to climb Nanga Parbat, assuming completion of his expedition.

After another attempt yesterday and today, despite the intense hours of effort, the current extreme conditions make it dangerous to the delicate stretch between Camp I and Camp II, especially by a decline in height without safety ropes they themselves had placed weeks before but now have been hidden by snow and ice accumulated in all the way over the last few days.

Loaded with huge backpacks where they took all necessary climbing equipment have reached the Base Camp a few hours ago.