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Talking to his home Team,Alberto stated that he is now aims to tread the Nanga Parbat (8125 meters), the ninth highest mountain in the world, is given by naturalized in height after spending three nights at 6,200 feet and descending to base camp must snow prevented him from progressing to camp 3 by the Argentine Leonardo ‘Cuny’ Proverb and Gipuzkoa Txingu Arrieta. Before, Zerain had exceeded 150 meters from the wall Kinshofer to turn around after the adverse weather.

“The sofreesfuerzo we do during the seven hours of climbing up to Camp 2 has helped me to acclimate and find the strength to spend several nights at altitude on this first ascent,” recounts Zerain, resting on the base, at 4,200, in the face of Nanga Parbat Diamir. “This year, the mountain has very tricky conditions: lots of snow and very soft, sandy, with a layer of ice that falls encouraging peels. This makes you very meticulous in every step. The ankles and calves suffer … The mountain is difficult, “adds the ‘eight thousand.”

A Zerain has led to the Nanga Parbat its intention to increase the 4,000 meters between the base camp for the summit in Alpine style, that is, without fixed ropes, oxygen or sherpas foreign aid. The route would take the edge Mazeno, about eight kilometers in length, something that no one has managed so far. Cutting through seven peaks of 7,000 meters and the final route will be decided by Zerain and Arrieta on the fly, depending on the conditions of the