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The Kazakh Mountaineer,Maxut website stats that the International k2 North side expedition reached for the first time  reached a height of 7400 meters. This was told Kazakh climber Maxut Zhumayev.

“The plan for today completed one hundred per cent or more. Must have been processed next 800 meters to the third camp and did it. Moreover, by the way found a lot of rope, which has left our Kazakh expedition in 2007. Somewhere in the 700 meters this the rope used and, thus, saved his, “- said Zhumayev.

According to the climber, expedition members concerns about the deteriorating weather conditions are not met. “Weather is normal, working. The wind was strong, gusty, but tomorrow is forecast, and it should subside. That is two days in order to successfully complete the third working out, we have. The state is also a good route. The prospects bright. Tomorrow plans to climb to the third camp, which is set at an altitude of 7400 meters. spend the night there and then return to base camp to rest. ”

In the night of 21 on July 22, Kazakh climbers Maksut Zhumayev and Vasily Pivtsov spent the first night of acclimatization at an altitude of 6550 meters. “I can not boast. Long with Basil could not sleep. But then look at the phone a couple of films, and quietly fell asleep. The head is a little sore, but fine. It is not that sweet sleep, turned. More somewhere outside of our rope hanging and the feeling was all night, someone knocks us. At five in the morning already got up and went to work. Do nothing, sleep enough now only at the base camp “- added the athlete.

K2 – the most northerly in the world of eight-, altitude 8611 meters. It is located on the border between China and Pakistan, and the route of the expedition, which also includes a spokeswoman Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner Austrian, German Dyuymovets Ralph, Tommy Henrich, Argentina and the Pole Darrek Zaluski, goes with the Chinese side. Watch for mountain climbers can climb here online.