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briefly  on the Alex blog, Leire stats! Alex is on the summit and Called !I have reached the summit!! actually have reached the summit about an hour ago but I have not had occasion to write, IMPOTENCE WHAT! But it is already! They have just crowned in Gasherbrum 2, nine days later than in the neighboring Gasherbrum 1. Yes sir! Gure dabe balio mutilek miloiek! Our children are worth millions!

About an hour ago (11:00 local time) Alex called me from the top, excited and enthusiastic, excited, and very tired. This time he felt tired, yes. But of course the joy and excitement with which she told me, quite hide the symptoms of exhaustion.

Alex Zorionak eta Louis , Bihotz bihotzez, bai zuek ilusiñoa dozuela Biztha dtp! Txapeldun! Orain eta zelebraku beherantz Bigarre kontuzegaz zortzimilakoa. Madalena!

Now with care on the descent and we celebrate the second eight-thousand of this expedition.

orginal News:http://www.blogseitb.com/alextxikon/2011/07/22/cumbreeeeee-en-el-g2/