July 20 talking to His Home page, Maxut says,

Participants of the International K2 expedition continued to climb the slope Chogori, despite deteriorating weather conditions. This was told Kazakh climber Maxut Zhumayev.

“We decided to act on pre-established plan. Let’s go from the first camp in the second, but on a snowy ridge again” vryuhalis “in deep snow. Digging for a long time, but still made it to 6100 meters. Very little is left to the second camp, but the power to it go today no longer exists. Program at least we can say, did “- said Zhumayev.

Today, July 20, four climbers, Kazakhs – Maxut Zhumayev and Vassily Pivtsov, and Tommy Henrich and the Argentine representative of Poland Darrek Zaluski spend the night at this altitude, and tomorrow will reach the second camp and begin the processing of the route to the third camp at an altitude of 7100-7400 meters. Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, spokeswoman for the Austrian and German Ralf Dyuymovets join them later from the first camp.

“We feel normal. Is just a little shortness of breath, and all is well. The weather, however, spoiled, over us now overcast, as we call it” local kuchevka. “Hopefully, at least for three days without rainfall. It’s like a joke: “The Lord has a long laugh when I read the weather forecast for tomorrow,” but we very much hope that we can work normally. Of course, if a violent storm begins, you have to turn around and descend to base camp to rest, “- said Kazakh climber.

The international expedition to K2 was launched on 16 June and lasted for more than a month. Climber with caution in making predictions about the end of the climb. “Something to predict right now about the summit, of course, a thankless task. But still … We now have the third exit onto the slope Chogori, then there will be one, and only then we will, in principle, can be prepared for an assault top. But it can affect many factors – state route and participants, as the weather forecast. Not everything goes as we want but we will try, “- shared his plans for an athlete.

Watch for mountain climbers can climb here online. K2 – the most northerly in the world of eight-altitude 8611 meters. It is located in the Karakoram to the border of Pakistan and China. The route runs from the Chinese side.

Comment Maksut Jumaeva: