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from the Website of Maxut ,its stated that ,Participants in an international expedition to Chogori up to the first camp on the slopes of K2. Further ascent into question because of the deteriorating weather conditions. This is related member of the expedition, the Kazakh climber Maxut Zhumayev.

“Snow on the slopes once again fell more than expected. Therefore, for a long time getting to the first camp. And the higher precipitation is greater. 10-20 centimeters fell. And now the clouds in the sky and the forecast weather forecasters had to be sunny. Let’s see that will be tomorrow, and then we begin to climb, “- said Zhumayev.

Kazakh climber, however, noted that in the event of deterioration in the expedition did not take a risk and return to base camp: “We hope that the sun will peep out and be able to work, but if you start something really” criminal “turn back. While the change in plans not – tomorrow morning, put forward to the second camp. ”

Despite the challenging conditions and heavy lifting for the first camp, a sense of humor does not leave members of the expedition. “I’m here today talking to you, and my friends yell” avalanche-an avalanche of “scary. But do not worry – it’s because they are joking. Okay. Snow, of course, are difficult and dangerous, but we hope that it will be cold at night and podmerznet all, and we will be able to reach the second camp with no problems, “- said Kazakh athlete.

The plans of the expedition on a hillside to three or four days, will be installed for third camp at 7100-7400 meters. Watch for the climbing team can hereonline. Recall Chogori – the northernmost in the world of eight-, altitude 8611 meters. It is situated on the territory of Pakistan Karakoram.