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Gefried Goschl Website: ast Wednesday we celebrated a great team success. The following participants were reached on 13 July in that order 10:45 to 13:00 clock the summit of Gasherbrum 1 (8080m):

Hans Wenzl (Austria),
Jose Carlos Tamayo (ESP)
Gerfried Göschl (AUT)
Juanra Madariaga (ESP)
Günther Unterberger (AUT)
Zechmann Stefan (AUT)
Alex Txikon (ESP)
Rick Allen (GB)

Only by a perfect cooperation of all concerned, it was possible, the G1 at such a difficult and dangerous conditions to climb. On summit is emphasize even more the outstanding work of Hans Wenzl track. Unbelievable how he almost uncatchable in waist-deep snow. After only seven and a half hours, he reached the summit.
Unfortunately, our friend Louis Rousseau had to give up on almost 7900m, the lane too much and Fixierarbeit in Japanese Couloir had on 12 July his forces worked. He did not want to spend even more can still safely descend the steep wall. These are some pictures you find in the gallery.

Great is also our joy over the successful ascent of Gasherbrum 2 (8034m) yesterday, Thursday, 14 July. In very deep snow and changing weather conditions could provide the following participants for incredible power and reach the summit:

Elio Schijlen (NL)
Harrer Otto (AUT)
Hubert Leitner (AUT)
Toni Rumpl (AUT)

Unfortunately, all successes are still overshadowed by a new bailout. Our participants Marc-Andre Beliveau (CAN) revealed today in the morning in camp 3 (6900m) at the G2 serious symptoms of altitude sickness. Fortunately, he is looked after by our team perfectly G2. After a primary care his health condition is currently stable and the whole team is already in the vicinity of Camp 1 (5900m). Meanwhile he is also supplied with emergency oxygen and set up an emergency field hospital in Camp 1. Louis and Alex, despite the best efforts of recent days with one of our chefs, Ali Naqi, with additional oxygen bottles and medicines on their way to Camp 1 to aid the rescue team today. Louis will be assessed after meeting with the victims of the situation and teach me about how to proceed. Depending on whether I’ll even tonight or tomorrow early rise in the morning with another rescue team to support the further descent of G2 and settle our team in their dedicated work.
Please let us keep our fingers crossed that everything works out!!

With warm regards from the Gasherbrum Base Camp
Gerfried Göschl
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001: Louis Rousseau trail breaking into the Japanese Couloir at 6800m 002: Louis at 6800m, behind him the whole team 003: Tamayo, Gerfried, Hans Günther on summit day at 7400m004: Hans and Louis at 7700m 005: Gerfried at 7900m 006 : Gerfried with his family at the summit, “I love you sooooo much” 007: Gerfried is very proud about Sturm Graz, the new and unexpected soccer champion in Austria 008: A thank you to “Sport Steiermark” 009: Kwizda even not supported me for this expedition, their medical support already saved three lives here in Pakistan, tank sen you Richard. and Richard Jr. .!!!! 010: Hans Günther, Gerfried at the summit (FLTR) 011: Four Austrian at the summit of G1: Stefan MD (first 8000), Hans (fourth 8000), Günther (third 8000), Gerfried (seventh 8000) 012: Stefan MD Zechmann behind, G2 and K2

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