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Gerfried Website!

Min before 15th (7/13/2011 at 8:00 clock, our time) the desired call came from the summit of Gasherbrum 1:

“I stand together with Hans Wenzl at the summit” Gerfried gurgled into the satellite phone. In only 7.5 hours, they have achieved their goal. Jose Carlos Tamayo, the Basque defeated the summit as well. Günther Unterberger, expedition doctor, Dr. Stefan Zechmann, Juanra Madariaga and Alex Txikon loud Gerfried likely to follow. Louis Rousseau returned only 50m below the summit in order, from all other participants, there is currently no information.
“We will wait a few minutes to Guenther and others, and then descend,” says Gerfried.

Today at 16.15 clock from the summit there is an interview on radio Steiermark!
Congratulations to the top winners!

Have already reached peak! At 11:15 hours treading Gasherbrum I Pakistan: Alex Txikon, Gerfried Göschl, Louis Rousseau, Juanra Madariaga, Jose Carlos Tamayo and Gunther.Everything has been smooth, the weather has been good, and have gone as planned. So very good. Alex, unlike other summits in eight thousand, he was super strong little tired!Breathing had it perfectly, even has jokes and laughter at the time the summit!

A joy for all. We spent a night a little bad, because in some stroke or neglect have turned off the racetrack, so from 12 pm to 8 am has been off, no movement, therefore. But suddenly it has started, and we’ve seen on the elevation of 8,000!! Zelaka pool!

Zorionak mutilek, Orain enjoy eder tontor horizontal (dau esan Alexek “what a wonder”), eta laster kontuz kontuz beherantz.

Besarkada danoi handi bat, danoi.