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A quick Report to his Home page, Gerfried stated! The Austrian-Basque-Canadian team had after a long expectant today the wind to admit defeat early. Resist the weather forecast it stormed incessantly. To a further rise was not the question. Several hours waiting for the trio, but dawn was also no improvement yet. “Under these conditions, we have come to the summit to no chance,” said audibly troubled, difficult Gerfried disappointed.
Under caution, the trio is now rising from the base camp and is currently at an altitude of 6300m (Gasherbrum La).

How great the disappointment over the failure of the winter expedition, can even imagine for the layman. Months of preparation work, persistence in the cold for hours Verfixen the new route, etc, all these hardships literally blown away by the wind.
Who knows Gerfried do know that the great state of frustration, the struggle with himself and the mountain will be of short duration, its relentless positive attitude is expected tomorrow again sprayed through the phone 😉

It remains to wish the climbers a safe descent and a safe journey home!

The Austrian-Basque-Canadian team turned in the morning because of the strong wind. “It is impossible to climb to the top under this stormy conditions”, told a very disappointed Gerfried on the phone.
Now they are on the way down to base camp. he said Mountain was stronger


Photo courtesy Gerfried