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hidden peak (GI) winter expedition Reprots,Since 10 February, for over three weeks, we have here in the Karakorum from a few hours of continuous cloud cover. Despite these difficult conditions, we were able to drive the route up to 6300m and set up a camp on the ridge.

Despite the bad weather to not be idle, we have risen again on Tuesday. In hard work, we enlarged our camp a little, put up our tent and fortified it with ice screws, Abalakov-Eissanduhren and with ropes. It was possible to accommodate two people in a tent on hard ground, but had one with an overhanging place to make do. Alex agreed to happiness, to take this unpopular position. In order to bring him close to our level, we filled the overhanging part of the tent with ropes and other paraphernalia. For safety, Alex remained roped in a sleeping bag, so we were able to calm his nerves.
Our first night on the mountain was robbed at -35 ° anything but a pleasure, the cold and the wind almost completely to sleep. Painfully, we peeled ourselves in the morning by frozen out of the sleeping bag. Due to the continuing strong storm was a further rise to not think and so we got yesterday soon after a short breakfast, to base camp.
Acclimatization is complete, we are well under the circumstances and could leave at any time for the summit.
Our irreplaceable friend, Dr. Charles Gable gives us good hope that finally opened after a long time at the end of the weekend the sky, once again shows the Sun and the severe winter storm gradually yields to spring efforts and collapses. Perhaps that next week a summit attempt is possible.

With warm regards from the base camp of the Hidden Peak

Gerfried Göschl

The last steps of Alex to camp 1, below the Gasherbrum glacier at 5200m(Photo Gerfried)

Alex working at the platform of one camp(Photo Gerfried)

Gerfried at 6300m (photo Gerfried)

Louis happy that the tent is ready for us

Gerfried after Freezing night at CI

Gerfried & team CI and the steep portion for next climb!

Source: http://www.gerfriedgoeschl.at